WOW Web Professional Academy Program Overview

WOW Web Professional Academy is the educational arm of the non-profit professional association World Organization of Webmasters. WOW Web Professional Academy is dedicated to providing education, training and timely resources for individuals and organizations who create, manage, maintain, secure or market web sites and those that teach these topics.

The purpose of the WOW Web Professional Academy is:

*To provide a community for networking and discussions among all web professionals including students, teachers and practicing professionals
*To facilitate continuing education
*To provide training paths
*To provide pathways for certification
*To serve as a clearinghouse/ framework for recommended resources
*To enhance the role of technically proficient, business savvy Web professionals

The Mission of the WOW Web Professional Academy is:

*To provide variety of high quality and affordable educational resources for aspiring and practicing Web professionals, and those that teach them
*To provide access to shared educational resources including: curriculum outlines, syllabi, instructor resources for high schools, colleges and universities that teach Web centric topics
*To provide instructor guidelines regarding curricula content and currency of materials
*To provide open and moderated discussion forums
*To provide online training
*To provide timely news and editorials, best practices development trends, product reviews, and news feeds

Benefits and Advantages of Becoming a WOW Academy or Education Alliance Member:

*Your high school or college will be recognized as a leader in the Web profession and improving student programs and pathways
*WOW’s Career Pathways are based on years of research of the needs of employers and hiring managers and will provide you with access to the best resources available
*Collaboration with business and industry is consistent with the mission of educational institutions and can important part of your grant process
*Collaboration with peers within the WOW Web Professional Academy and Education Alliance network

WOW Academy options are particularly appealing for a variety of reasons:

*WOW Web Professional Academy resources are extremely contemporary and high-quality
*Curriculum content is developed and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Instructional *Designers to ensure consistency, quality and affordability
*WOW Web Professional Academy were developed to integrate into a K12, community colleges, or university programs
*WOW Web Professional Academy is easily implemented
*WOW Web Professional Academy is affordable
*WOW Web Professional Academy is extremely flexible
*WOW Web Professional Academy maps to real world demand
*WOW Web Professional Academy offers recommended courses, books, and other training and education materials for educators, instructors for online, classroom study as well as those wishing to self study

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